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a custom planning & design company
offering DIY planning tools
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About Me

Since 2009, I have planned & designed one-of-a-kind events for my clients with some of the best vendors in the industry.

Through the years, I gained a vast amount of insider knowledge and learned many valuable lessons.

I am best known for immaculately planned events that flow effortlessly and uniquely designing each with countless thoughtful details and smart style choices.

Now I am excited to start fresh with my very own brand and service concepts to launch into the market soon.

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THE Services

Planning & Design

Full service event planning & design from
start to finish with Emily leading the team.

An "Emily Event" is a meticulously planned event
that flows seemingly effortlessly and
showcases a cohesive style using
smart design choices and
countless thoughtful details.

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Don't know where to start, or what to do next?

Overwelmed and wishing an expert
could just tell you what to do?

Whether you hire a planner or not,
no matter where you are in the planning process,
no matter what your budget is,
I have a solution for you.

Um...YES! please help me


Have specific issues, or unique situational questions as you plan the event?

Starting, evaluating or revamping
your event business?

Directly connect with Emily to seek her
insider advice & ask your questions
without the longterm commitment.

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What They’re Saying

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